NANOTER is a surface coating material, mile thermophysical properties exceed known analogues.

Consists of modern environmentally friendly acrylic polymer nanotechnological materials that support elastic structures of nanoscale microspheres produced in vacuum from ceramics and glass.

NANOTER is used for

In different versions, either separately or in combination:

1. As thermal insulation

2. For the protection of buildings and facilities

including ventilation, pipelines and for the protection of containers from the following environmental effects:

3. For the prevention and control of corrosion on various metals

4. As waterproofing on the external and internal surfaces of buildings and facilities, including roofs, basements and swimming pools

5. For the protection of buildings, machines and communications against condensation

6. In environments where temperatures fluctuate widely

7. Against various environmental effects of insulation materials of transport vehicles (railway wagons, cars, ships, airplanes, etc.)