Who we are?

Our mission

Nano Building OÜ is a company that produces modular houses and heat pumps, established in 2013. The Modular Buildings produced by us are designed in such a way that their operation will last for decades!
What ensures this:
1. Construction – The construction of the modules is welded together from steel profiles developed by us. This gives the opportunity to produce metal structures of different sizes and solutions. The whole structure of the module has been developed in such a way that it is possible to use weatherproof and heat-retaining SIP panels. It is a unique solution!
2. Heating – Heat-retaining walls and ceiling are solved with SIP panels. 100 mm (the thickness of the insulation material prescribed by the customer can be used) pressed fire-resistant stone wool boards are used as insulation material (EPS insulation boards can also be used as insulation material). The wall panels are assembled in such a way that no vertical frame elements are used, which eliminates any cold bridge! SIP panels are connected to each other with a special adhesive foam. All horizontal connections are also sealed with a special adhesive foam, which again excludes the formation of a cold bridge!
3. Heating solution – We solved the heating solution for the modules with innovative and economical IFR (infrared) floor heating. This heating solution ensures a uniform and human-friendly temperature in the rooms. At the same time, it is possible to install an air conditioner and an air source heat pump. We can also offer a complete solar panel solution that provides the customer with autonomous electricity as well as domestic hot water.
4. Facade – We can use all facade materials available on the construction market as facade covering materials. The facade material is attached to the cladding in such a way that natural ventilation of the facade covering materials is ensured. This, in turn, ensures a long lifespan of the materials.
5. Designing– Since we can produce modules of special solutions and sizes, it gives customers a greater opportunity to order just such a module with both internal and external solutions. We give the customer the opportunity to order exactly the finishing materials he wants. The client has the opportunity to order sanitary solutions (toilet, shower room, sauna, etc.) and also furniture solutions. Our construction gives the customer the opportunity to order a module for exactly this purpose, for which he needs it at the moment (residential, sauna, production, workshop, garage, catering, shop, etc.)
6. Production – Our big advantage over our competitors is the speed of production! In up to eight weeks, the customer has the opportunity to get a full-fledged module for both living and business purposes.